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7 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website in 2021


Having an online presence has become essential in this day and age. A lot has changed in the virtual world when it comes to online marketing and advertising techniques. The main goal of every business is to direct people to their website and encourage them to purchase a product. From modern to traditional marketing hacks, this article will help you figure out what it really takes to learn how to increase website traffic on your store.


What is Website Traffic?

Website traffic is the amount of users that visit your website. There are analytics available that tell you the number of page views as well as the number of unique page views. Page views is the overall number of times anyone has visited your site. While unique page views means how many people visited the site — some multiple times and some only once. 

The idea is that the higher traffic you are able to draw to your site, the more opportunity you have to convert users into potential clients. The usual questions asked by online businesses are why low conversions even though high traffic? How to decrease bounce rates? And so much more. Most of the time, your audience or prospects aren’t as targeted as it should be. Thus when people visit your site, not all of them are qualified leads to purchase your product or service. A good web hosting provider will make it easier as it will enhance your website performance. MangoMatter Media specializes a wide range of topics in the digital marketing space. From web design to social media marketing, they also provide comprehensive web hosting reviews and comparisons for a variety of countries.


Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Bringing traffic to your website is a crucial part of your online marketing campaign. These seven ways will help you garner more traffic. 


Start a Blog

One of the best ways to increase traffic on your website is to start a blog. Businesses that create unique and relevant information about the subject your company is an expert in, can boost your visibility on search engines. For example, if you make watches or provide a particular service online. You could write a blog based on your product or service such as “Best watches in 2021” or “How do watches tell time?”. With compelling and informative content, you could attract users to your website and boost your sales or product. You need to be able to match the needs of your audience and for that you need to target your market who are searching for topics relevant to you.


Optimize your Website

No matter how good your website is, it won’t be of any benefit to you if users can’t find it online. That’s why you need to use search engine optimization (SEO) which optimizes your website to appear in Google search results. You can use SEO tools such as Keywords Everywhere to find relevant keywords to target the right audience.  By using long tail keywords you will be able to optimize your content to fit user search intent more accurately. By building a strong foundation of relevant keywords, you will be able to draw more traffic to the website. Your blog on your online store and have the biggest impact on driving organic traffic to your website.

Another important SEO factor for generating higher website traffic is to provide a positive user experience. Website design and structure enhance user experience when they visit your site. When a user visits your sites, they should have a pleasing experience as they navigate your site. If users encounter issues using your site, they won’t hesitate to move on When Google notices too many users bouncing from your site, it will penalize you in rankings.


Captivating Headlines

If your blog has plenty of high quality content yet lacks in attracting more traffic. You can try making your blog titles more attention grabbing. By doing so, it increases the chance of your content to be more clickable, shareable and this will even impact your visibility on search engines such as Google. By following SEO rules with the number of characters required, clear and accurate titles, relevant headings and no repeated phrases or words will help make your post more enticing. A captivating title would be a game changer in attracting new users to actually come click your post or blog.


Launch PPC campaign

A great way to drive traffic to your website is to launch a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaign on platforms like Google Ads. A PPC campaign displays ads in Google search results and third party websites to draw users to your site. Once you set up an account on Google Ads, you need to bid on specific keywords related to your expertise and target them on your ads. When users search for a specific keyword, Google will display the ads of the highest bidders at the top of the results. Once they land on your website page, your visitors could turn into clients to buy products or services. 


Reading experience

Online want information, they browse the internet combing countless websites to find answers to their questions. As we have learnt that a smooth navigation which is pleasing and informative to a user is beneficial for your website design which will definitely help boost your ranks. Hence, Your website should be designed in a way to provide those answers in the easiest and most user-friendly way. A pleasant reading experience will lead to lower bounce rate, higher on page time and increased engagement. All these factors will lead to a better ranking.


Build Backlinks 

Backlinks are another important component to SEO. By earning backlinks for your content, you are able to reach out to more users on the internet. Backlinks are where other websites, similar to your type of industry, link to pages on your site as sources of their own content. You can earn backlinks by reaching out to applicable sites within your industry and requesting that they link to you. When an external site links to your site, it signals Google that your site is trustworthy and this helps increase your ranking on Google. 


Social Media Linking

Creating a social media account is great to drive traffic to your website. When your account is ready, you can create and post high quality content on your social platforms to attract followers. Once you have established a good number of followers, you can link your website to your profiles, when they click on it they will arrive at your blog or your website pages. The same tactic can be applied on your blogs, you can link your social media profiles. Since social media is taking up nearly a third of the average user’s Internet time, it’s a fantastic resource for driving higher website traffic.
The above ways will not only enhance your website performance but also drive traffic to your site. If you have a bigger budget and willing to spend, you can connect with agencies to help you build a successful website. Although, if you don’t have a budget, you can benefit from these strategies. 

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