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Why learn Russian?

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We all know the stereotypes about Russians: vodka, bears and a winter fur cap with ear-flaps, right? But what do you truly know about the language and the culture of this country? Why so many people learn Russian and are proud of it? And the main question is why you should plan to learn Russian in your free time?

We’ll try to answer all those questions in this article. Read on to learn about seven main reasons why everyone needs to learn Russian.

  1. Cyrillic develops your brain

    Anton Chekhov said, “The more languages you know, the more of a person you are.” The benefits of multilingualism were proved by many surveys and scientific papers. Learning languages helps keep your brain “fit” and as a result, reduces the probability of Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss among older people. In this respect you may wonder why learn Russian and not French or Spanish for this matter.

    The benefit that Russian offers to your brain lies in its foundation. Russian is a Slavic language with the Cyrillic alphabet. This means that your brain needs more mental force to process it and more cognitive load is going on in your brain when you use Russian in any way. Learning Russian develops your personality and improves your physical condition. This is one of the main reasons why prosperous Americans make their children learn Russian.


  2. Russian is the world language

    There are more than 260 million people who speak or, at least, understand Russian. Not only Asia and Europe speak Russian, there are many Russian-speaking communities all over the world. For you, as an English-speaker this means that once you learn Russian, you will be able to speak in the native language with a sixth part of the Planet’s population! And it’s quite a lot!

    Russian has literally become the world language for international communication. It’s been popular in the 20th century, yet recently lost some of its privileges. However, if you know Russian, you will be able to freely go to Ukraine and Georgia and talk to people there. Furthermore, you can even go to space because Russian together with English is spoken even there! Such a skill opens new opportunities for travel lovers, for people who are always curious about the insights of a particular culture, and for those willing to achieve something in this life.

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  3. Russian can be a foundation for other Slavic languages

    When you first try to learn Russian, it might seem to be impossible with all the cases and endings this language has. Yet, after some time you learn to understand the structure of the most widespread Slavic language and everything becomes much easier. Once you complete Russian classes, you will be able to understand Belarusian, Croatian, or Slovenian languages as well. All Slavic languages have similar grammar and language structure; their lexical elements have sometimes identical roots. This means that knowledge of only one Slavic language will allow you to understand in some way all other languages of this group. Such superpower as knowing Russian opens doors to travelers and business people but read about it in the next point.


  4. Russian opens new scientific horizons

    If you are in science, then you must have heard that Russian school of science is one of the strongest in the world. Yes, it lost a little power and lots of money since the USSR broke down, yet the clear minds continue developing their projects in Russia even today. This leads us to the point that Russian is the famous language of science. A lot of work written in Russian has not been translated into English, and reading it in original can help you get a new perspective on the problem. For example, physics can learn a lot from Ludvig Fadeev (Fadeev equations are his work), IT developers can read various papers by Eugene Kaspersky (he created one of the most famous anti-virus programs), astronomers should be curious about Vladimir Krasnopolsky (ozone layer, helium, and methane on Mars were all his merits).


  5. Career opportunities with Russian

    Even though today Russia suffers from sanctions, it still remains one of the biggest countries worldwide. It contains thousands of huge corporations in all industries that are in constant search of new employees. If you learn Russian and actually manage to speak and understand it, you will be able to become an indispensable employer in your office. You could work as a translator or international manager for negotiations; you will be able to travel for work and see the world. Perfect knowledge of both Russian and English give you a possibility to work within large corporations without any help of the third parties; this means that you will always be aware of the current business situation and won’t need to wait for any mediator. You can become a multi-functional employee for your boss, which is always a great advantage in the market!

    Keep also in mind that Russia today is one of the biggest outsourcing companies. If you learn Russian, you will be able to find workers there, in Russia, pay them less on average and still get excellent service. Such an approach can save your company thousands of dollars annually, and get to the top of the world much faster!


  6. Understanding Russian mentality in literature

    Even if you are not a great fan of literature in general, you must have heard that it’s always better to read any book in the original. You might question this point, but let’s look at the example. Even if you have never read the book, you’ve seen the movie Anna Karenina based on the eponymous novel by Leo Tolstoy (which is one of the greatest Russian novels of all time). The book in the original describes Anna Karenina, the main character, as a “well-fleshed woman with dark hair and gray eyes”. And now try to recollect the translation you read or the character played by Keira Knightley. Do you see any resemblances? Apparently not. And this is only one example out of the whole great Russian literature. Now you can only imagine how poor the translation can be and how much you miss because of it.

    It is essential to learn Russian at least to read books in the way they were written by authors to understand the mentality of this nation. There are so many words like “Cheburashka” or “Matushka” that are impossible to translate and must be read and comprehended in Russian only.


  7. Russian is a thing for the future

    You know that the future lies in the Internet. Every aspect of modern life tries to fit into the virtual space. And today the world web is basically built on two languages – Russian and English. Scientists try to define which language will occupy the position of the language for the future. Based on the social media reports and search engine data, English is the most widely spoken. However, you might be surprised to learn that it is Russian taking the silver medal in this race. Yes, it’s not French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese or Arabic, it is Russian. Even though these languages seem to be more important, according to Ingunn Lunde, who is the lead researcher from the University of Bergen, Russian is the language that will occupy a vital place in the world in the upcoming decades.


The list of reasons why you should learn Russian can have much more points. Some people will learn Russian just for fun, others to find a place in the world. But you need to understand one very important thing: Russian is the future; it’s the future of technology and science, of politics and culture, of both real and virtual world. If you are willing to become a valuable member of the new community and truly want to earn your living in six-digit numbers, then learn Russian today.

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