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It's been over 2 weeks since I hired Maise Management. I've been trying to get in touch with Kristy for days and this is the response I got from her after asking for a refund. "Deidre, we have you on the schedule to finish the floating and texture again since the compound was not completely dry the first time we did it. We were rushed into finishing due to you demanding we complete the project and cussing at my workers. I can assure you that your work order is being worked into the schedule and will be completed. I have received several rude texts along with you being extremely disrespectful with me the first day my workers were on your jobsite. You yelled at me and hung up on me but I continued to work with you. The threatening calls and texts are unnecessary." Kristy, if telling lies makes you feel good, that's fine, but at the end of the day I've paid you, the check has been cashed & my ceiling is still not repaired. I should be top priority. Why am I being worked into a schedule?

Maise Management LLC: Mrs. Deidre, I understand your frustration and notice your second bad review within two days. We have someone scheduled to you Friday 09/13.

Gave me the most reasonable quote . Flawless work. Not to mention was in contact with owner through the whole process. Workers were punctual and kept work space clean. Absolutely would recommend using them to anyone.

Pleasure to work with this company.. they are very efficient and professional. Will be calling again when needed!

Maise Management went above and beyond on all my renovation projects on my house. I can’t be more satisfied. Great work, great price. Will defiantly use them in the future. Cristy is a very creative, energetic, talented lady full of new ideas to make your dreams come true.

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