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Boise, ID Spring Creek, NV Elko, NV

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(775) 299-9435

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I am a monster. Even my own family will tell you that. You won't know that at first. I am a great actor. Oh, and my smile. I have a winning smile. If I want something from you, I will use my smile, and I will get my way. I will.

I am mentally ill. I'm bipolar. I will love you and I'll be very happy, and then 5 minutes later, I will hate you and I'll be very angry, or very sad, or both. I am unstable. I am good at control and manipulation. I love to get angry and yell at you. It makes me feel powerful. I'm also schizophrenic and narcissistic. I have anxiety disorder, and I am paranoid. I am on several medications, but they don't help. I am psychotic.

I am a coward. I will use you. I will not accept responsibility for my actions. I am good at deceiving people and lying…with words, actions, facial expressions, tone of voice. I pretend to be innocent and helpless, but I am cunning and dangerous. I will stab you in the back.

I like to talk, debate, and argue. I will get my way. I will. I am right. I am persuasive. You will listen to me, and you will see it my way. You will. I'm good at manipulating people. I don't take no for an answer. I'll keep talking until I get my way.

I am verbally and mentally abusive. Usually not at first. I'll apologize to you too, but I won't mean it. It's just another way that I manipulate and control people.


Boise, ID Spring Creek, NV Elko, NV

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    (775) 299-9435
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