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Is you "Boss" not paying you overtime for working more than 40 hours? Are you being paid less than the minimum wage?

Did you know that there is a law that regulates fair pay in your workplace! Did you also know that this law called the Fair Labor Standards Act ("FLSA") protects you from employers who violate overtime and minimum wage laws?

Generally you are entitled to a minimum wage of no less than $9.00 per hour and be paid "time and a half" for your regular hourly rate whenever you work in excess of 40 hours in a workweek.

Regardless of whether you are a contract employee, worked hours not approved by your boss, are not a resident or whether you receive tips as your pay, you are entitled to overtime wages if you worked more than 40 hours a week, unless you are "exempt".

By the way, don't worry, your employer can't fire you, reduce you hours or duties, demote you, or give you a bad performance evaluation for filing a lawsuit or making a complaint about receiving proper overtime or unpaid wages, that would be considered retaliation and it is against the law.

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No esta su Jefe o Patron pagandole las horas extras que trabajas despue de 40 horas? Usted les estan pagando menos de el salario minimo?

Sabe Usted que hay una ley que regula cuanto su Jefe le page por su trabajo! Sabia tambien que esta ley llamada la Fair Labor Standards Act ("FLSA") le protege de los empleadores que violan las leyes de salario minimo?

Por lo general usted tiene derecho a un salario minimo de no menos de $9.00 por hora y pago "tiempo y medio" de su tarifa regular por hora cuando se trabaja en mas de 40 horas en una semana.

Independientemente de si usted es un empleado contratado, horas trabajadas no aprobadas por su jefe, no tiene su residencia o si usted recibe propinas como su pago, usted tiene derecho a pago de horas extras si trabaja mas de 40 horas a la semana, a menos que sea "exentos".

Por cierto, no se preocupe, su empleador no puede despedirlo, a reducir su horas o funciones, disminuir el nivel de usted, o darle una evaluacion de desempleo malo para la presentacion de una demanda o una queja sobre la recepcion de horas extras o salarios no pagados, porque se considera una represalia y eso esta en contra de la ley.

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