Sew ins, Crochet Braids & Faux Locs...

  • Hair Stylist

Hello!!! I offer sew in hair services. I am located in KILLEEN ! If you are interested in booking please feel free to take a look at the pricing below and contact me at your convenience. I look forward to hearing from you .

These prices cover up to 3 of your bundles you bring being installed any additional bundles past 3 will be 10.00 (per)
partial sew in 65
Full sew in 75
Ivy powell flip method 75
Vixen sew in 80.00
crochet is 70.00
Vixen crochet braids 85.00 p

Please come on time if you are more than 15 min late you will pay a 10.00 late fee or you will re schedule it's not up for discussion ! We want to be respectful of the person after you and myself . If you do a no call no show there will be no service from me in the future . Please advise me if your bringing a guest to my home to make sure it's ok.