Professional licensed beautician DREADS/BRAIDS &...

  • Hair Stylist

I specialize in dreadlocks and intricate braiding! I do foux locs, foe locs, dreadlock extension I also repair dreads and can put dreads back in! I do creative braiding, box braids, crochet braids, Marley twists,sew-ins, Malaysian weave, eyelashes, eyebrows I'm into hair care and I do a lot of treatments & natural treatments and much more My name is Justine and I'm a in home beautician and we'll set up with everything I need like styling chair and dryer and so on, I am licensed and very professional.

My baby is 10 months so I'm taking a break from the shop but up until I had my baby I was working at Beyond Image and all my clients had no problem with following me! Please feel free to call for more info. I'm on the west side of Cincinnati