The Cat's Meow Inn. Four Seasons - Kitty Hotels

  • Pet Daycare & Boarding

The "Four Seasons" of Kitty Hotels complete with Memory Foam Beds!!

Luxury accommodations, at an affordable price
Proudly located in Kailua, on the same street as Walgreen's
Locally owned, and operated

*Four Poster, Memory foam beds
*7-foot tall, beautiful, 5-level custom condos (not cages)
*Flat screen TV's, so kitties can enjoy watching bird & aquarium fish DVD's
*Climate controlled, Central A/C
*Spa inspired gentle music, wirelessly played throughout
*Kitties do come out of their condos, (one by one), and have private play time as well
*Awesome Kitty Trees to climb and scratch on
*Fun and interactive toys for frisky felines to play with
*Around the clock care, far better than having someone come to your home, put some food down, then leave after 5 minutes, leaving your poor kitty sad, depressed, and lonely
*Regular photo and/or video updates so you can see how your furbaby is enjoying their vacation at the, "Four Seasons", of Kitty Hotels.

Your Kitty is your family member, treat them to a world-class vacation that they will love, they deserve it! ;-)

408 Uluniu Street
Kailua, HI 96734