• Roofing Installation & Repair


-Paint (interior and exterior)
-Driveways (New, overlay-rock pattern, stamp pattern and repair)
-Foundation (Any types of foundation, install new for houses, decking including repair)
-Retaining Walls ( Hollow tiles retainer, Rock wall retainer, solid concrete retainer and walls)
-Framing (Wood frame, metal frame, concrete frame and hollow tile frame for any type structure)
-Siding (Any Wood, concrete board, stucco and plywood siding-all type siding and repair)
-Window and Doors (Install and type and any size windows and doors including repair)
-Facial board (installation and repair including finishing)
-Roofing ( repair and new installation of kind roofing, underlayment, rubber roof, shingle, metal and
tile roofing including redesign and frame work for any roof)
-Bath and Kitchen ( new and remodel installation for any kind bath and kitchen: back splash, bathtub, shower pan, Jacuzzi, cabinets, counters, plumbing and electrical, kitchen island installation and design, all tile work and complete custom, installation and design for kitchen and bath).
-Flooring (repair and new installation for all types of flooring, wood, tiles carpet and vinyl including
the trimming work-base board, ground molding and more)
-Decking (new and redesign for any type decking, wood, synthetic decking and all kind railing)
-Room edition and House extension vertically and horizontally.