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15 years of experience in repair and maintenance of PCs. A+ CompTia
24Hr PC Computer Service (Around the clock 24hr - 7 days a week)
Laptops or Desktops PC issues...
* Wireless Issues, Data Loss, Network Problems, PC Slow or Crashing, Virus problems... We take care of anything...

Call at any time! I am available 24/7.
* Whether you are a home user, business or in school, ZippyGeeks is here to serve you. I will answer the phone no matter what time (24/7 any day of the week). I can make house calls, on-site visits or on campus to better serve you. With over 15 years of experience and training, I stand ready to take care of your technology needs.
Data recovery:
Lost a file? We can retrieve it for you. We have the tools to do it fo you.
PC and Laptop Repair:
Bad motherboard, Bad Hard Drive, Bad etc... We can replace it for you at little cost.
Is your computer acting a little strange or crashes a lot? Is it due for a complete rebuild? Are you just tired of how it performs? Then you need to call ZippyGeeks!