$35 an hour personal or group SOCCER TRAINING

  • Sport Lessons $35.00

Hello, I am a licensed soccer coach thru US Soccer. I have experience playing the game since I was 12. I am now 25 years old. I am offering soccer classes to beginners from kids to adults. If you ever wanted to learn and have fun playing this beautiful game this is the place for you!

$35 for a session is all it takes to have fun. Being active and out in the open is very good for the body and mind. Anyone is welcome! I love coaching and teaching and if you have passion for soccer or sports in general then call me!

You can book a personal training session if you want it to be tailored for your specific needs. Great for players who are looking to try out for their high school teams.
This is affordable training. Don't miss your chance!

I have the equipment but you will need to provide your own cleats, soccer ball, water bottles and shin guards.
This IS a physically challenging training so be ready.

I am currently obtaining my kinesiology degree. If you are interested call me.

No criminal record
You need to know if you are allowed to do physical activities prior to contacting me (i.e. heart problems)