$40/Hr with Engineer - Recording/Editing/Mixing/Beat Production

  • Party Entertainment $40.00

One of California's top recording studios, with an impressive list of recorded artists including Grammy Award winners.

Studio B at Studio 770 is now opening to the public for the first time. It's a new, completely digital overdub (also known as vocal tracking) room for contemporary recording to tracks, ADR and Voice Over Production, Audio Books, etc. This room is now under construction but open to the public at a discounted price which is:

$40/hr with a 5 hour block which includes Engineer (preliminary Studio B pricing).
This room will be $60/hr by the end of this year, so book now!
This studio will be renovated/upgraded to a class A facility by the end of the year. We will be launching a Kickstarter campaign that will support this expansion and development project of Studio B. Join us now so you can be a part of this exciting opportunity where everyone benefits!
Supporters, such as yourself, will get a special discount at that time as well.

Artists have the opportunity to communicate with our engineers to create high-end professional final productions.
Contact Erik for a free tour of the studio!