$45+ Sew-In specials & $50+ Braiding/Plaits Special

  • Hair Stylist $45.00

$55 Sew-Ins
$65 Vixen Sew-Ins
$30 Quick Weaves
$60+ Kinky Twist
$65 Large Plaits
$80 Medium Plaits
$90 Small Plaits
$10+ Kids Hairdos
$40+ Kids Braids
$40 Kid Kinky Twist
$7 Lashes (Individual/Strip)

I'm throwing a special for sew-ins and braids. I do very professional work for low. I understand everyone doesn't have a lot if money to spend to get their hair done. I prefer Quality over Quantity. If your looking for a reliable and affordable hair stylist call me. I live in the Hiawassee area.