Honest & Affordable Heat & Air Conditioning Repair, NO Sales Games!

  • Air Conditioner Installation $25.00

Hello, my name is Thomas,
Don't be fooled by all the hype to replace your system at 8-10 yrs of age for a tax incentive and rebates from the dealers who just mark up to mark down, If your system is less than 20yrs old and is'nt costing you large sums of money every year, why not perform preventative maintenance to keep it tuned up and running at its best !

I'm offering complete A/C system checkups for an even $25 per unit which will allow me to detect and diagnose any existing or potential problems you may have, walk you through the checkup, and explain everything to you as we go. I can also make a list of everything i see to improve the health and efficiency of your system..

If you have ever payed a "phone book" company to do a repair you know how expensive everything is, Just like a car dealership, overhead and greed drive up the cost of simple parts (IE: Part "x" costs company $35 - retail book price : $224 + 1 hr labor) or have you ever payed $100+ for a small capacitor ? I could go on and on...

I service all Tucson & surrounding areas... "Get a quote, Then call me"