Satifaction guaranteed!˜† DREADLOCKS, TWISTS & BRAIDs

  • Hair Stylist

(Satifaction or your money back)
1. Looks Natural
2. No unraveling
3. No frizzy mess
4. Long Lasting
5. Quality supplies and products
6. Fast and professional services

Dreadlock startup
Dreadlock maintenance on retwisting
Dreadlock crocheting
Dreadlock pruning or grooming
Broken dreadlock repair
Dreadlock styling braiding and updos
Dreadlock extensions

1. Licensed 11 yrs.
2. Ranked: 1st in Bergen County, NJ & 4th in tristate. (Nj, ny, pa) (2015)
3. I provide 100% human hair and synthetic dreadlock extensions.
4. I specialize in dreadlock extensions, starting, maintaining, grooming , repairing broken locks, defrizzing dreadlocks.
6. I work with both Caucasian (fine or straight) and African (kinky or curly) hair textures.

I will try to get back to you within the first hour but please be patient.