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Michael D. Ross, Attorney at Law
770 L Street #950
Sacramento and Surrounding Areas

If you have been accused of a crime I can help you. A criminal conviction can affect the rest of your life. With my experience I can provide the best representation available to help you avoid jail, keep your job and protect your future.

You need an experienced, aggressive attorney on your side, fighting for the rights you deserve. And you need one as soon as possible. Call me now to discuss your case for free. We can arrange an in-person consultation so you can make the best decision for yourself.

Call me any time. I am one of the easiest lawyers in San Francisco to get in touch with. After hours calls and appointments are available. Jail visits are also available.


I have personally defended over 3,500 criminal cases, including "Three Strikes," heavy felonies, misdemeanors, and over 1,000 DUI cases.

I believe that good representation in any type of criminal case requires a lawyer with a broad background and experience defending heavy felony cases where the client's freedom, or even life, has been at stake. From the first case I handled as a defense attorney, I realized that communication and cooperation between attorney and client are indispensable in getting the best outcome of the case.

A client's satisfaction is based on he or she knowing that everything that can be done for the client's case is being done. This is the kind of experience that I will bring to your case as your defense lawyer in Sacramento and Surrounding Area Courts and the courts of the outlying areas of Northern California.

Call me for an evaluation of your criminal case, free of charge, even for a second opinion right now at - Evening and weekend appointments are available.