VIRUS REMOVAL SERVICE... 30 Day Guarantee... ONLY $39...

  • Virus Removal $39.00

Is Your Computer Slow? Popups? Freezing? You are at the right place.
I can remove all viruses and optimize your PCs performance in 1 to 2 hours. Your computer can work like new again. Get rid of popups and redirecting web searches.

*Remove Viruses
*Remove Adware
*Uninstall harmful programs
*Reset Browser settings
*Adjust Startup settings
*Optimize performance
*Clean system
*Lifetime Anti virus Installation
*30 day guarantee
*Same day service

Don't buy a new computer. Get yours fixed today. No fix/No pay.
The big box stores like Geek Squad charge up to $200 for this service.

Give me a call or reply to this ad to schedule your repair.
- I am available 7 days per week. Same Day Service.