• Tile & Ceramic Flooring

I'm a tile and flooring contractor specializing in the installation of all types of Porcelain, Ceramic, and Stone Tile, Pre-finished Hardwood, Vinyl ( slang term, Linoleum ), VCT, Parquet, and Vinyl Tile.

I offer Repair and Re-Grout services as well as Subfloor repairs, Leveling, Installation of Waterproofing, Crack Suppression, and Sound Suppression Membranes. I install tile products on Floors, Walls, and Countertops, including Showers, Wainscots, Backsplashes, Fireplaces, Window Seats, Stairs, Patios and Porches, and even Ceilings ( in showers ).

In some instances I can save you money on your project by NOT demolishing the existing material you want to have replaced. Done correctly, it is sometimes possible to install tile over tile, tile over vinyl, tile over Formica countertops, vinyl over tile, vinyl over vinyl, hardwood over vinyl, hardwood over tile, hardwood over hardwood, and many other strange combinations. Most general contractors and many tile and/or flooring contractors believe it is necessary to completely remove the existing countertops or flooring before installing anything new.

They're frequently mistaken. I can also install almost any tile or flooring product on stairs ( I do not install carpet, laminate flooring, or peel and stick tile ).