Add length, volume, and even color to your hair with hair extensions

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Microbead hair extensions:
-Do not damage your natural hair, they are NOT glued on or sowed on, so no tangling or hair loss.
-Easy to hide (yes you can wear ponytails and braids!). The goal of getting hair extensions is for people to admire your hair without knowing that you have extensions on, so we make sure that we apply the extensions in a way that, even putting your hair up, people won't notice the extensions.
-Are made from 100% human hair, you can curl them, straighten them and style them!
-Need to be readjusted every 4 months, and those same extensions can be re-used for several readjustments. Real human hair is always reusable.

This type of permanent extensions is one of your best options for extensions if not the best. It's practical, you wake up with long hair, it's easy to take care of them and what matters most they DO NOT damage your hair! Microbead hair extensions is the easiest way to have and maintain your long locks. These type of extensions do not make your head/scalp hurt, unlike the sewed on extensions, that also keep a lot of humidity, and in some cases even fungus in your scalp! When you have Microbead hair extensions you can wash your hair daily without worrying about it taking days or hours to dry. It's basically like having your own long natural hair.

We are two brothers specialized in applying microbead hair extensions. We are professionals at what we do, the extensions are applied in natural layers adapted to each client's haircut, hair volume, hair type and hair shape, so the outcome is always natural beautiful long hair.

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