• Private Tutoring $25.00

Hello, my name is Jesus Eduardo Rojas-Vazquez, I am a student at Cal Poly Pomona, Biology major to be exact. My future plans is to become a cosmetic plastic surgeon. I have been a tutor for one year, working with mostly high school students. The group of students that I tutored had D' and F' in the subject of Literature and Mathematics. By giving them one on one tutoring for two hours, three days a week, there grades raised to B' and above. All of the money that I get from tutoring goes towards my College fees.

I attended Anahualcamecac International Preparatory High School of North America, Los Angeles first IB League and Indigenous based school. Personally, I was the student who was always studying at all times -- recreation, lunch, free time, or study time. This helped me complete all my A-G requirements with high grades. The AP Courses I took were AP Literature, AP Spanish Language and Culture, and AP Psychology. I passed these classes with an A or above. I was part of many clubs in high school -- medical club, GSA, student council, yearbook club, running club, and especially Model United Nations. I was the only delegate in the history of Model United Nations at my high school to win an honorary mention at Bruin Model United Nations in the four years that they have been going. I was selected saledectorian with a 4.09 GPA. I was accepted to UCLA, UCSB, UC RIVERSIDE, Cal State LA, Cal Poly, San Francisco State, and NYU.

I attended East Los Angeles College at the same time that I was in my junior year. I took communication studies 101, math 110, and computer applications & office technologies 035. These classes prepared me for college as well as helped me improve my professional skills.