• Apartment Cleaning

Mexican tiles need maintenance like anything else. If you dont maintain them correctly their look with diminish over time. This is sometimes all cosmetic if it has been sealed properly before.?

I can bring back the "new look" on about 95% of the floors that I do?
(I do these jobs as side jobs. -I- am not a company. I have been doing this -for a company- for over ten+ years.)


I use the same chemicals that the two most known companies use in California to do this. I do the exact same thing they will do and seal your floor the same they would. You are welcomed to get a quote from anyone else. The old man with flip flops will leave a written quote, you can present it to me and I will beat his quote to a pulp. His rate today is no less than $3.75 a foot. I also don't charge the same for clean and seal, that's about $0.75 a foot. the process is not the same but some newer floors can benefit from it.