• Sport Lessons $100.00

Illinois Concealed Carry Class

This weekend!
8 Hours - IL Concealed Carry Class = $100
8 Hours - NRA Basic Pistol = $100
16 Hours - IL CC & NRA Basic Pistol = $200
Instructors are NRA certified and Illinois State Police approved.
Utah, Florida, Arizona and Virginia Concealed Carry classes available.

Classes are conducted in a private classroom and live fire is conducted at a private out door range. We are not limited on range time and can stay at range as long as needed.

We are one of the ONLY ones in the state that have everything available under the same roof. Your finger prints, back ground check, mug shot and range time are all done at the same location without having to go anywhere else. Once you are done with our class you can go on with your life and just wait for your permit to arrive.

We will help with all documentation and application for free same day!

Gift certificates and private training also available.