Divorce? Real Estate? Need to sell fast? I can HELP!

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Going Thru Divorce?? Even Considering one?

I am a Realtor willing to help you or both on this difficult process in life. Real Estate properties are the largest problem in a divorce if is just a home or investment properties.

Having a Realtor with a complete understanding also with a personal experience at your side. Who is willing to understands the need of your privacy and importance of this hardest moments.

I am a full service Realtor. My services will included at no charge to you.

* Meeting with Attorney (s) yours or both.
* Meeting with you or both parties even if it in different timing.
* For any real estate questions such value of home or/and investment properties.
* Even if you need a multi transaction if you want to buy after I can also help you.

Feel free to contact me by Phone...
Luz Mata
Colonial Realty Group