• Music Lessons

Imagine playing the Drums and feeling like your already in a band, only it's your very first lesson. Here's your chance to make your dream a reality . It's time to really enjoy yourself.
Quite simply with my approach , I'm your guitarist. That's Right ! I come to your place with an electric guitar and a (small but loud enough) amp. I teach you how to play and back you up with my strong rhythm. This approach works ! In fact it works far better then I ever imagined, and it's ten times as fun. From day one my students are learning what it feels like to jam with another person ! As they progress they become far more musical and much less mechanical. These are just a few of the advantages to my unique approach. Yes, I teach rudiments. Yes, I can teach you to read drum music. Personally, I don't think too many people decided to take up drums just so they could learn how to read drum music. People just want to play, the same way some people just want to dance.

Drumming with a live electric guitar is a little like putting you in the drivers seat of a fancy sports car and then going for a very nice ride!

Young or Old 7 or 70. . .. . ... Drums always sound better with a musical instrument. It's true ! See for yourself. Call me today.