Estate Sale, Planning a Move, Relocationg to or from California...

  • Moving

Moving across country?
Needing to clean out an estate?
Moving a few miles away?

Its a stressful time. Let me help you organize your move...
-Haul trash
-Pack boxes
-General assistance with most any task, i.e. Running errands, meeting with contractors, calling for a plumber
-Plan your travel
-Run your errands
-Deal with the movers
-Take things you no longer want to Goodwill
-List things on eBay or with local auction house that you rather sell
-Deal with the estate sale
-Repaint or repair to keep your deposit or increase house value
-Stage your house for open house
-Decorate your new house

Best of all I'm also a Realtor and can help you find a place to live or I can help you sell your house as well if you need!

Please call for an estimate today!