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Foreign Nationals:

1- Borrower is not required to have a Social Security number, Green Card or Visa.
2- No FICO score is required. We will accept foreign credit reports to determine credit worthiness or satisfactory alternate credit, from country of origin.
3- Second Home: 60% LTV to $2 MIL, 55% LTV to $3 MIL, and 50% LTV to $5 MIL Loan Amounts.
4- Interest Only Available,
5- This program is only available on the 5 Year Fixed Adjustable Rate Mortgage.
6- Income demonstration is required.
7- We require seasoned assets in known verifiable financial institution.
8- If documentation is in foreign language, it needs to be translated by certified translator.
9- A valid passport and a second form of ID is required.
10- If borrower has a green card or Visa: 70% LTV to %1 MIL Loan Amount.

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