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Hi! I'm Rick!
I have a compact tractor, designed and capable of fitting into tighter spaces, around houses and buildings. It's bigger and more powerful than a riding mower or garden tractor, but smaller than a regular tractor.
However, just as capable!
Perfect for 1/2 Acre or more!

My Current Implement Selection Includes:
48" Shredder/Brush Hog: Tall Field Grass, Weeds, & Up to 2.5" Thick Brush
54" Belly Mower: Finish Mowing of Regular Grass
42" Reverse Tine Tiller: Up to 6.5" Penetration, Excellent Texture Results, Ideal for Amending Soils, & Preparation for Gardens, Seeding, Sod
50" Front End Loader: Excavation, Spreading, Leveling
48" Box Blade: Drainage, Paths, Driveways(new or refurbish), Grading, Leveling, Spreading
60" Landscape/Rock Rake: Top Dressing, Spreading, Soil Amending, Rock, Root, & Debris Removal, De Thatching
48" Drop Spreader/Aerator: Seeding, Aeration, and Fertilization
Turf Friendly Tires: Minimal Damage to Your Yard/Land

I also offer a variety of other Landscaping services including, general maintenance, raised flower beds, gardens, drip irrigation, tree/brush removal/disposal, and fences/repair.

Residential, Contracts, Real Estate, & Commercial Jobs Welcome!
Invoices Provided.
Family and Animal Friendly!
Hardworking, Honest, Respectful, Dependable, Texan.
Hourly & Daily Rates.
No Minimums or Travel Fees.

Credit, Debit, Check, PayPal, & Cash Accepted.
Call and description of your job!
Let's Get It Done!