Algebra Tutor with All the Tricks in the Book!!!

  • Private Tutoring $25.00

Is your child sinking fast in Algebra or is your professor speaking a foreign language and you're considering dropping course???
Well, all of my students were in one of the above situations when they first came to me, but they got to me just in time and are now succeeding where they were failing.

I've been tutoring middle school, high school, and college students in all levels of Algebra for more than 4 years and have built a great reputation for myself as a tutor. While I make myself available to meet my students on a one-on-one basis in a comfortable private setting, I also make myself available to my students via email, phone, etc.

If you're committed, I'm committed to bending over backwards to help.
I accept cash or check as payment...I tell my students, a check is good as long as the check is still good
I will NOT respond to a TEXT as an initial form of contact, so please CALL me to schedule a session.

Thank you and have a great afternoon,