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  • House Cleaning $60.00 Fixed

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***All Supplies & Equipment included. Professional Services. Insured.

Hours Of Operation:
Cleaning Hours: 7AM - 9PM, 7 Days a Week

**We understand not everyone needs the same kind of cleaning. Why charge more when you might not even need the services!
**Lastly, we do not charge by the hour so you will never have to worry about being quoted one price and then suddenly charged more because a worker took too long.

Cleaning Available to: Offices, Condos, Apartments , House , & Rentals.
-Move In , Move Outs
-Weekly , Bi-Weekly , Monthly

Our minimum order is $60.00/cleaning

Kitchen Basic Clean ($25)
**Disinfecting & Clean Counter Tops
**Disinfecting & Cleaning Appliance Surfaces
**Sink & Nozzles
**Sweep & Mop
**Trash Removal

Bathroom Basic Clean ($25)
**Clean Mirrors
**Disinfecting & Clean Counter Tops
**Disinfect & Clean Shower Floors
**Disinfect & Clean Tub Base
**Disinfecting & Cleaning Toilette Seat Top to Bottom
**Sweep & Mop
**Sink & Nozzles
**Trash Removal

Bedroom Basic Clean($12.50)
**Bed Preparation
**Vacuum/ Sweep & Mop
**Removal of Trash
**Mirrors Cleaned

Living Room/Hallways Basic Clean ($12.50)
**Vacuum/Sweep & Mop
**Removal of Trash
**Mirrors Cleaned

Available Add-Ons:
**Dishes - $10.00
**Dusting & Wipe Down of Nick-Nacks Per Room - $10.00
**Cabinet Door Cleaning Per Room - $10.00
**Scuff Marks & Wall CleaningPer Room - $25.00
**Windows, Window Seals, Blinds, & Window Tracks Per Window - $7.50
**Inside Windows Per Window - $1.00
**Ceiling Fans Per Fan - $5.00
**Baseboards Dusted Per Room - $5.00
**Interior Cabinets Per Room - $25.00
**Interiors of Small Appliances Per Appliance - $5.00
**Interior of Large Appliances Per Appliance - $15.00
**Outside Windows (Downstairs Only) - $25.00
**Tub/Shower Walls, and Shower Windows - $12.50

Forms of pay accepted: MasterCard, AMEX, Visa, Cash, Discover