• Immigration Lawyers

I am a California licensed attorney. I practice in California Courts and all Federal Courts. My firm is experienced in representing clients in all areas of Family Law, Criminal Defense(DUI, Mideameanors, Traffic, Felonies) Immigration, Trusts /Wills/ Estate Planning. I have an office in San Fernando and satellite office in Van Nuys.

I will barter with potential clients my time for theirs.. For instance I need auto body repair, auto painting, mechanic work. Also will trade my time for other items of value such as, classic cars and trucks, motorcycles, items that are legal for resale to others.
Most folks need attorneys from time to time.. I realize money is tight so I'm trying to find other ways to make the process work for my office and potential clients.

Call my office and make an appointment. The first 30 minutes of a consultation are free with appointment.

J.D. Rothman & Associates