• Music Lessons

The Childbloom Guitar Program for kids 5 is a great enrichment experience for young people.
Here is some of what we offer:
- We teach music through the guitar to kids 5 and up.
- Our dedicated and licensed Instructors are specially trained and very experienced teaching children.
- We have three locations - 2 in Austin & 1 in Round Rock.
- We form performing groups and offer other performance opportunities for students.
-We have a unique curriculum that provides victories for young kids and challenges for the older ones.
- All our student learn to read music - not tab. Your child will develop great skill with our teaching materials and expert instruction.
- We can provide the right size guitar for your child so there is no guesswork.
- We want parents involved and provide parents with a valuable monthly newsletter that deals with the many ups and downs of motivation that will occur.
- There is no long-term contract - our tuition is monthly and affordable.
- We offer monthly contests and challenges for all ages and levels.

Call! We are scheduling now of Fall.