• Masonry Contractors

Call Sam for THE BEST QUALITY work done by HIGHLY TRAINED PROFESSIONALS at reasonable rates!!

I have 35 years experience in Masonry Construction and I am offering the following services: Building Retaining Walls, Garden Walls, Flower Box Planters Custom Mailboxes, Flagstone Patios, BBQ's, Outdoor Kitchens , Firepits Custom Wood Burning Ovens..

I have a patent pending design on Custom Ovens Built right for a lifetime of use. Various other Misc. Services, just ask I am specialist using the following materials: Block, Brick, Stone, Flagstone Walkways/Patios Tile and Stucco-(retaining walls only). I do all my own work. I am on site when I serve your needs. Let's build something for you Today! Fine quality with very competitive prices.