Steve da PC guy. I can fix your PC, tablet, Iphone, or Andriod Cheaply

  • Computer Repair $50.00

Integral service, fast, and most importantly cheap. I fix computers. No long story. I am good at this. No games, just good info.
Have all kind of expertise. Save your money. Go to shop, you will pay big time before they do anything, diagnosis starts at $50 to $100.
Got all kinds of software too. Check me out first.
Get quote, then get quote from shop.
I will see you soon.

For DIY Guys inquire about parts. I got all kinds of parts for cheap.
I work as an independent, no shop means no overhead.
In most cases I drive out to your location. Brooklyn, Queens, NYC.
Also, I can create a Hackintosh from most mid to high end computers.
I fix smart phone screens, samsung, iphone etc.

Steve da PC guy