Professional Video & Photography for your event. Affordable $$!

  • Promotional Video Services

Hi, my name is Joe and I do professional Video and Photography.

I graduated from a University with a Film and Photography degree and I own a top of the line high quality professional camcorder and Canon SLR camera with a top quality lens just like real PRO because I am a PRO. :)

My other trade passion is music and I own professional DJ equipment and can perform any style music for your event as well.
If you hire me you will have top quality results for half the price as a normal pro videographer or DJ in the area...

I am very proficient in Photoshop and video editing programs. I can even do special effects for movies or commercials and do senior year & family portraits...really any style you want. You will not be disappointed! Let me know what you're envisioning and I will try to make it happen!