• Personal Trainers $35.00

Invincible Fighting Arts is a boxing based martial art system.I start you off learning basic boxing skills,then progress you to advanced boxing methods to give you a solid,sound base on which to launch other fighting methods.The system is tailored to the individual, not the other way around. Advanced boxing skills. I teach that have been lost today are: over/under punching (very difficult to defend against), hooking off the jab, dirty boxing (for street), switching leads, etc.

After you have mastered the advanced boxing methods I incorporate other fighting skills to make you more well-rounded. Martial arts I teach in accordance with the boxing are: wing chun kung fu, muay thai, jeet kune do, kali and ju-jutsui.

I have trained in these arts for 20 years and in boxing for 30 years. I also teach equipment training: jumping rope,double-end ball,focus mitts, etc.

My rates are : $250 for a 10 lesson package or $35 per lesson.