• Gardening

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SERVICES: Laylans has been providing comprehensive construction, installation, irrigation, aftercare and maintenance services for over 5 years.

As a garden design company nestled in the posh Crown Heights district of Brooklyn, we're accomplished at handling both public & privates cityscape gardens. At Laylans we're committed to maintaining complex landscapes that are 100% chemical-free and 100% organic. Everyone at Laylans is dedicated to making sure every project is a success.

Construction: Laylans creates handcrafted wooden tree-guard fences, plant boxes, pathways, and more. We're uniquely able to realize the client's vision or provide our own signature design under the leadership of design team.

We have an extremely low attrition rate (less than 3%.). In addition to ensuring the health of the landscape during the installation process, we employ a highly skilled aftercare team. We take responsibility for ensuring the health and wellbeing of each installation and protecting the significant investments made in these landscapes.