• Drawing Lessons $20.00


The endless benefits of Art in child's development is confirmed by all prominent educators (including Janusz Korczak and John Dewey). Concentration, learning structure of things and imagination are all indispensable for child's progress.

My classes are memorable and energetic. Your child will learn plenty of fascinating things without feeling that he/she have been "taught".

I teach only ONE student at a time. As a result all attention is his/her work. Classes will take place in my studio (Newtown township across from Tyler Park). Also, if you choose, I can come over YOUR place and teach there. Each class is 45-50 min

I am a Russian born artist and art teacher who lives in Newtown and have successfully exhibited for more than 10 years at many galleries in Bucks County, New Jersey and NYC. My paintings can be found in private collections both in Europe and USA.

I have been teaching Art for 15 years and helped many students to reach their goals.

This course offers quite a unique opportunity for competitive price.
References are available upon your request
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Attached are photographs from my classes.