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I provide English to Russian and Russian to English translation and interpretation services. I have 15 years of experience as an English/Russian translator and interpreter with almost 20 years English speaking here in the United States.

My experience includes translating and interpreting brochures, campaigns, copywriting, creative writing, data sheets, flyers, journalism, presentations, public relations, speeches, birth certificates, marriage certificates diplomas, transcripts, legal documents, passports, adoption contracts, and immigration forms.

I accurately transcribe, translate and interpret all matters of documentation, correspondence, communications and data. Services are available, focusing in Russian to English and vice versa for public, private, commercial and government needs. I prepare written materials, including correspondence, contracts, job orders, job outlines, and other technical reports. I review, discover and assess potential wording issues that may arise during translation and adaptation for clients. I offer real-time cross-linguistic communication, either face-to-face, web-conference setting or over the phone.