• Auto Repair Services $40.00

Need help fixing your car I can help. I can do just about anything to a car timming, tune ups, breaks, head gaskets you name it i will fix the car. i just did the timing on my car a month ago and it does make a difference in the running condition. U can call or text or e-mail me my name is Jimmy i will be glad to help. I

disc brakes: all 4 sides:60
drum brakes: 35
ohv headgasket: call for quote
single cam head gasket: call it is depending on car
dohc head gaskets: call it is depending on the car or truck.
timing: call it is depending on if it is a belt or chain and if its single cam or dohc
balljoints: price depends on if they are pressed in or not l
control arms upper: 40(1) 60(2)
control arms lower:40(1) 60(2)
oil changes: 25
water pumps:depends on vehicle
heating and cooling: depends on car or truck need to know the year make and model of car for quote.

Please call. I can help if you need!