We Offer Solutions To Increase Property Defense

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Let Universal Fence give you free advice on how to reduce break ins with a security fence on your property. Whether it is a vacant lot or a property you and your family live on, we can offer you solutions to increase security on your property. We have been installing fences for over 15 years on regular and challenging property conditions. We also do backyard clean outs and we cut down small trees on property lines.

Don't wait for break ins to occur, be proactive. You do not want the experience of having your home broken into, or even worse if you and your family are home. Nothing is fool proof but you can make it difficult for anyone with ideas to commit a break in on your property to take an easier path elsewhere.

Give us a call, we're Universal Fence-a family run business in the Fencing Industry for over 15 years. We warranty our work and we take pride in the work we do.