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Has your dog ever made you cry? Make you frustrated? Pull on the leash? Aggressive around strangers? Is your dog stealing food from the table? Chew your shoes or furniture? Are you having trouble house breaking your dog? Is your dog aggressive towards other dogs?

These are common problems that can be resolved through learning better communication skills and effective training for both you and your dog. I am a Staten Island based Doberman Pincher breeder/trainer with fifteen years of experience, specializing in obedience, protection training, tracking and scent work. In October 2015 Pompey and I went High in Trial at the 2015 DPCA Regional Obedience Specialty, defeating sixty of the country's top Dobermans and their trainers. We are dedicated to helping you and your dog develop a stronger bond, a more meaningful relationship and a more effective means of communicating with each other.

The type of training that I will offer for you and for your dog is a positive, reward based program to help owners get through to the most unruly of dogs. Your dog will learn the basic commands like sit, stay, down, heel, come on command and skills of better socialization and anxiety control.

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