Mobile Bumper Repair Service 50% Off The Shop

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Need Mobile Bumper Repair We are a Reliable Affordable Convenient and honest service we come to you repair can be done in 1-3 hours and start as low as $99

Bumper repair is neither as difficult, nor as costly, as the body shop may have you believe. Replacement is not the only option, only the most expensive. If you have been told you need a new bumper, chances are we can repair it for less than half the price. Repairing a bumper is as simple as 1-2-3.

 Reduce and minimize damage

We first minimize or remove as much bumper damage as possible (scratches, dents, cracks, holes, etc.) by sanding, "plastic welding" cracks and holes, and fixing any "clips" that may have been broken upon impact. "Bondo" or M3 putty use is kept to a minumum.

 Re-surface and sculpt the bumper back to its original form

After the initial phase of repair, we begin the "art" work. Using a combination of heating, filling, and sanding, we mold the bumper back into it's original form and smooth out any remaining imperfections. This process takes the majority of time in any bumper repair job. It requires skill and patience, and really can be considered an "art". We then apply a flexible, high quality, primer to the repaired area(s) and sand to an ultra smooth finish. The bumper is now ready for painting.For the best in bumper repair , call now for your free estimate

 Apply paint and clearcoat

All that's left to do is to apply the paint and clearcoat to assure a beautiful final result. We apply multiple coats of high quality paint and clear coat to assure a durable and long lasting finish.

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