• Auto Repair Services $125.00

Do you want to purchase a used car that your unsure if it will run after a week of driving, let us inspect it for you and help give you a professional inspection to see if the value of the car is worth what your going to be paying, also to check it will make it through our harsh winter. $125 for this service.

Emissions work can be costly and time consuming, let us help you pass the test and keep your vehicle on the road, we take our time fixing all codes necessary and take it to test for you. We do our best to keep it a minimum charge and try to pass it within a day or two (depending on the work needed and if new codes come up after repair.) Service for this start at $225.

My name is Waldo and it's been our family business to help customers in need of repairs while they are at work, or don't have time to take the car to see the mechanic. We help you make it easy to get your car repaired and we do all sorts of work on motors, trans, shocks, diagnostics, mufflers, brakes, suspension, we can even help install your stereo and speakers.

Give me a call! Lets get your car looked at and fixed to get you going on the road again.