• Pet Sitting & Walking

I've been a dog walker for years now. I know people have many concerns and worries about there pet when some body else is taking charge. So lets take care of all that. When you hire me. You will receive.

1. 3 Pictures during the schedule walk. Beginning, during the initial walk, and at the end.
2. Doors and locks are tightly secured.
3. A text when when arriving and a text when exiting.

Any other request, just contact me.

In-Home Visits Include:
1. Food and Water
2 .Love and attention
3. Playtime/Walk
4. Comb or brush pet
5. Medicine schedule
6. Clean up
7. Rotation of lights, blinds or radio
8.Pick up of mail or newspaper
9. Trash to garage
10. Water Plants
Lots More guidance!!