Mac and PC Tech Consultancy + Support

  • Computer Repair

Get a check up today. If found we will clean it up & install an Antivirus for future protection.

Mac Services:
- Upgrade RAM, Hard Drives.
- Setup iBank, Daylite, Billings, softwares.
- Setup printers, scanners.
- Full support for home-office, small offices.
- Mac Mini CPU upgrades.
- Setup Anti-Virus.

Windows Services:
- Windows Malware, Trojans, Virus removal.
- Clean Up and Improve performance.
- Install software, OS reinstallation.
- Setup Printers, Scanners & other peripherals.
- Data recovery from NTFS, FAT32 hard drives.
- RAM installation, Hard Drive upgrades,

Small Business Services:
- Setup Wordpress blog.
- Recommend Website improvements.
- Install & setup IP Phones.
- Support employees onsite and remotely.
- Support employees in multiple locations.