• Apartment Cleaning

Residential Cleaning Service

Life can be very stressful!!! With the day to day tasks who wants or needs to spend their valuable time CLEANING!!!
I strive to provide you with a well deserved stress free and quality residential and AFFORDABLE cleaning service.

I will not send anyone else to take care of your home because I do understand that it is important to maintain a level of privacy and peace of mind in your most intimate setting.

Here's what's included:

All common Areas:
Dusting includes high and low areas making sure to get in all the corners, all window frames and ledges (blinds as well), base boards, doors and frames. Dust all light fixtures and everything that is on the walls. Floors are swept, mopped and/or vacuumed.
Exterior cabinet faces are dusted, cleaned and shined.
All table and chairs are wiped down by hand. Mirrors: all mirrors are cleaned making sure there are no streaks.

Sinks:A gentle cleanser is used on the inside of the sinks (making sure to clean around the drain).
Counter Tops: Everything is moved, cleaned and reorganized onto a clean and disinfected countertop. If you prefer me not moving the items just let me know.
Microwaves are interiorly and exteriorly cleaned.
Stove: drip pans are removed and scrubbed in the sink. All knobs are removed and cleaned as well as the surface area underneath.
Fridge: cleaned exteriorly, if it's stainless steel I use a special stainless steel cleaning agent and shine it when done.

Toilets: are cleaned and disinfected all the way around including under the rim, around the hinges, around the little knobs and the piping behind the back of the toilet.
Sinks: A gentle cleaner and disinfectant is used making sure to clean around the drain.
For tubs/showers: a gentle cleaner and disinfectant is used on the inside of the tub/shower making sure to remove all grime and soap scum. Special attention is applied to the drain and faucet. The entire area around the tub/shower is wiped and dried to a shine (including all fixtures).

All beds are made and if you need your linens changed all you have to do is ask.
The floor is either swept or vacuumed and all dusting is included as well.
Don't need you entire house cleaned? No problem.!! I can clean only the areas you need done.
Laundry service is also available.

A few more positives include
* Pet friendly
* Licensed and insured
* Fully bilingual
*A complete customizable cleaning service that will best suit your needs.
* Punctuality and Superior customer service are high priority
If something was not to your standard or unsatisfactory please call within 24 hours and I will be there ASAP to make it right!!!!

Unfortunately I am not able to provide estimates over the phone, but all estimates are free of charge.
Please do not hesitate any longer in finding the right cleaning service. All you have to do is call NOW for a free in-home estimate.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my posting.