Pillows, patches, Jeans, beading, embroidery

  • Tailors

Buttons $2 ea. Any size, shape Bring me any button I will happily hand sew them on Purchase buttons from, Joeanne's fabric, Fabric Depot in huntington station or Micheal's Patches can be machine stitched or hand embroidered.

Price varies from $2-$5 machine or $20-$100 hand embroidered=size, shape, fabric will vary from your request Ripped Jean -holes -bleaching -dying -hand beaded -hand embroidered -lace insertions Prices vary upon request anywhere from $10-$2500=serious hand beading & all of the above 2 pairs Pillows Stuffed only right now Square, rectangle, heart shapes now available Stuffed or inserted Hand sewn closed $9-$12 Any fabric Purchase fabric from my showroom receive 1 free pillow.

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