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Taking the SAT or ACT Soon?

. . .Why Not Study with an Expert? Both the SAT and ACT are undergoing significant changes this year. The ACT's Writing Section changed to a new format in September, and the SAT will change from top to bottom starting in March. So if you are studying for either exam, it's a good idea to study with an expert who can prepare you for the new tests.

Who We Are My name is Dr. Kevin Cooney. As an English professor at Queens College and the founder of Better Edge Tutoring, I've built a career around helping students develop their skills in reading, writing, math, and science. And many of the students who work with Better Edge Tutoring have increased their test scores by more than twice the national average.

This success is easy to explain. Our tutors are experienced college professors who have completed an intensive training program in the SAT and ACT. Each tutor has more than 5 years of teaching experience. Our tutors know how to motivate students, they care deeply about student learning, and they are extremely well qualified to teach these tests.

Through in-person sessions, our tutors build a strong mentoring relationship with each student and design a program of study customized for each student. Our tutors' resumes and references are available upon request.

We want to make sure the tutor is a good match for your son or daughter. For that reason, we offer $20 discount on the first 1-hour session. (And, of course, there is no obligation to sign up for future sessions.)

What We DoSo what does a SAT or ACT test-prep course with Better Edge Tutoring look like? Each lesson plan is different, depending on the student's goals, learning style, and progress.