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Hello, Our goal is to bring awareness to the general public of the Hazards and Dangers of driving with impaired headlights.

And to offer affordable solutions for headlight restoration as apposed to the alternative of the much higher cost of headlight replacement.

As well as offering the convenience of our mobile services, so you don't have to go out of your way or spend your valuable time sitting in a waiting room which is usually longer than the time frame you were told.

Having clear headlights is just as important as having a clean wind shield, good wiper blades and good tires & brakes, especially on our rural roadways where wildlife crossing roads is a constant.

Regarding your location: My maximum travel distance is 20 miles one way with no additional fee, for our (Working Man Special).
Cars - Trucks - RVs
2 - Headlights
2 - Taillights
All 4 Lights

After that you have a few options, You can either meet me half way at say a Restaurant and I can do them in the parking lot, (Takes me about an hour or so on avg., (give or take) or find a friend that needs their headlights done and I can do both cars, or I will have to charge an additional fee to cover fuel cost. My prices are so low it just doesn't pay me to travel any more than 20 to 35 miles one way. Any additional fees will be agreed upon before hand, there will be No Surprises.

Benefits to Restoring your Headlights:
* Improves sight distance.
* Safer driving conditions.
* Improves your lights efficiency.
* Extends the life of your bulbs.
* Keeps lights cooler.
* Improves vehicle appearance. (Bonus!)
* Raises vehicle Market Value! (Bonus!)
* I will come to you, home or office. (Bonus!)
* Will last 1 year to as long as you own your vehicle.

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Thanks, Cozmo Dee.