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Don't waste your time sitting at a shop. We will come to you. If the job is too big then you can come to us for the same price. We have great prices. If you don't see the repair you need, feel free to call or text to inquire. Free quotes.

Diagnostic are free if we perform the repair work
We Perform work on all arears of the motor vehicle to include A/C system, No start, Check engine light Overheat/ Cooling system, Charging system, Suspension/ Brake, Alternators, Starters, Brake pads, Brake shoes, Wheel cylinders, Brake rotors, Brake caliper, Brake master cylinder ,Shocks ,Struts ,Spark plugs/ tune ups ,Belts- ,Hoses- ,Radiators ,Radiator fans ,Thermostat- ,Water pump- ,Tie rod ends ,Valve cover gaskets- , All sensors- ,CV joints and axles- ,Hub/ wheel bearing assembly ,Power steering pump ,Ignition coil- ,Distributors- Call for pricing ,Battery ,Fuel pumps, Fuel filters- ,Gas tanks- ,Fuel injectors-Cabin air filters- ,Air filter/ Intake system ,Throttle body (replace or clean) ,Transmission fluid change ,Brake fluid change ,Clutch master cylinder ,Clutch slave cylinder ,Coolant exchange ,Differential fluid change , Differential cover reseal ,Valve lash adjustment , Egr Valves We also work on diesels and gasoline engines. We do engine over hauls.

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